Midnight Combine


Midnight Combine is a Belgian-style strong, dark beer aged in oak red wine barrels and co-fermented with wild microorganisms to produce a blend of sweet vanilla and dark fruit flavours along with a mild acidity like red wine and a complex blend of spicy phenols that will evolve as the beer ages. This beer is ready to drink now, but intended for cellaring for up to 3 years.


“Midnight Combine” is an uncommon phrase, but is instantly familiar to most who have grown up on a farm. Running the combines into the wee hours of the night is often what a farmer has to do to get the job done. Farmers are measured and calculated in their work - thinking slow, considering all aspects, and putting in the time to decide what the best course of action is. Then, once a plan is made, the hard work starts and doesn’t stop until it’s done. The farmer’s stamina is like no other. This beer has been aged, taking its time to develop character, and has evolved into a delicious treat - a worthy reward for any all-nighter.

Vital Stats

OE: 18.8P
AE: 0.5P
Hops: EKG
Malts: Pils, Munich, Special B, Candi Syrup, Molasses.
Yeast: Belgian ale primary, blend of brettanomyces yeasts during wood aging.
Wood: Aged 6 months in French and American oak barrels.
Serving Recommendations: Serve at 8-12C in a snifter or tulip-style glass. Refermented in bottle.
Allergy Information: Contains gluten from barley, wheat.

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