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Craft Beer
Try any of our house-made craft-beers on draft by the glass or pitcher!
Want a little bit of everything? Try one of our specialty flights, or make your own!
Bottled Beer
Gluten Free Alcoholic Beverages
Price is per 30mL / 1 fl oz. *Note: Due to COVID-19, cut fruit is no longer available or provided with highballs.
Virgin Cocktails
    • Craft Beer

      Try any of our house-made craft-beers on draft by the glass or pitcher!

    • Little Bear Kölsch

      Little Bear Kölsch

      $3.38 - 150mL
      $8.50 - 473mL
      $25.50 - 1.8L Pitcher

      4.4% ABV. Flavourful but easy drinking, this Kölsch-style ale is clean and crisp with a slightly sweet grainy flavour and a dry finish. Based on the German lager recipes, but fermented with ale yeast and lagered for several weeks, this beer has a pleasant, soft and refreshing flavour profile.

    • Super B

      Super B

      $3.38 - 150mL
      $8.50 - 473mL
      $25.50 - 1.8L Pitcher

      4.8% ABV. 2020 Alberta Beer Awards Bronze Medal Winner. This American-style wheat beer pours golden with a white, foamy head, and features prominent citrus, stone fruit, and bread aroma. This beer has a light, refreshing body with moderate carbonation and a dry but soft bread-flavoured finish and mild grain aftertaste.

    • Harvest Pale Ale

      Harvest Pale Ale

      $3.38 - 150mL
      $8.50 - 473mL
      $25.50 - 1.8L Pitcher

      Limited time only!
      4.6% ABV. A fresh hopped (wet-hopped) beer showcasing local Water Valley Hop Farms, - from vine to whirlpool in less than 6 hours!

    • Crispy Gurl Cold IPA

      Crispy Gurl Cold IPA

      $3.38 - 150mL
      $8.50 - 473mL
      $25.50 - 1.8L Pitcher

      6.8% ABV. A new style out of Portland, OR that combines aspects of both the West Coast IPA and the American Lager - introducing the Cold IPA!

    • Tail Twitcher IPA

      Tail Twitcher IPA

      $3.38 - 150mL
      $8.50 - 473mL
      $25.50 - 1.8L Pitcher

      6.6% ABV. Clear, amber and dry, this modern example of an American-style IPA bursts with big tropical, citrusy flavours with assertive bitterness and balanced malt character. Dry-hopped twice with Amarillo, Mosaic, and Lemondrop.

    • Berry Burrow

      Berry Burrow

      $3.38 - 150mL
      $8.50 - 473mL
      $25.50 - 1.8L Pitcher

      5.5% ABV. Our raspberry belgian blond is back and now 5.5% ABV, making this refreshingly fruity beer a little more approachable for the patio!

    • Jumpingpound


      $3.38 - 150mL
      $8.50 - 473mL
      $25.50 - 1.8L Pitcher

      3.3% ABV. A hazy, tart and crackery Kettle Sour with a hint of lemon. Try this traditional sour on its own or with our house made fruit syrups!

    • Sour Expedition #1: Dry-Hopped Jumpingpound

      Sour Expedition #1: Dry-Hopped Jumpingpound

      $3.38 - 150mL
      $8.50 - 473mL
      $25.50 - 1.8L Pitcher

      3.3% ABV. We took our Jumpingpound Kettle Sour and dry-hopped it with HBC 472, Cryo Mosaic, and African Queen hops to deliver highly expressive layers of spicy fruit punch!

    • Prairie Lands Lager

      Prairie Lands Lager

      $3.38 - 150mL
      $8.50 - 473mL
      $25.50 - 1.8L Pitcher

      5.0% ABV. This rich and malty lager highlights some of the fantastic malt grown and produced on our very own prairie lands. Expect a strong malty flavour with notes of chocolate, caramel, cracker and biscuit, with a sweeter profile based on the lager yeast.

    • Backyard Oasis

      Backyard Oasis

      $3.38 - 150mL
      $8.50 - 473mL
      $25.50 - 1.8L Pitcher

      5.5% ABV. 2019 Canadian International Beer Festival Gold Winner. Formerly Coconut Brown, this beer overlays sweet, fresh, house-toasted coconut on a nutty brown base beer, with flavours of milk chocolate, caramel and toast, on a mildly bitter backbone with a dry finish.

    • Gunnison's Red

      Gunnison's Red

      $3.38 - 150mL
      $8.50 - 473mL
      $25.50 - 1.8L Pitcher

      5.5% ABV. Our red ale takes cues from the classic Irish Red style, employing a hint of roasted barley for colour and taste atop a base of sweeter caramel malts with a deliberate underlying bitterness that keeps the beer palatable adding a pleasant aftertaste.

    • Banana Bread Dunkelweizen

      Banana Bread Dunkelweizen

      $3.38 - 150mL
      $8.50 - 473mL
      $25.50 - 1.8L Pitcher

      5.3% ABV. A little taste of home in a glass! This dark and hazy German-style wheat beer brings flavours and aromas of burnt sugar, toasted bread, baking spice, chocolate, and (of course) banana.

    • Point of Order

      Point of Order

      $3.38 - 150mL
      $8.50 - 473mL
      $25.50 - 1.8L Pitcher

      5.9% ABV. A classic, no-frills example of an American Porter. No cacao nibs, no lactose, no fruits, just a delicious classic Porter that wants to be a Porter. Rich, complex dark malt character with notes of toasted caramel, coffee and chocolate overlaid by a pleasant floral and citrus hop character.

    • Uncle Eddie's Stubborn (Oatmeal) Stout

      Uncle Eddie's Stubborn (Oatmeal) Stout

      $3.38 - 150mL
      $8.50 - 473mL
      $25.50 - 1.8L Pitcher

      5.4% ABV. A rich, dark stout with a thick, creamy head and full mouthfeel, having notes of coffee, caramel, and dark chocolate with background smoke character from our in-house-smoked flaked oats.

    • Kettle Sour Gone Wild!

      Kettle Sour Gone Wild!

      $3.88 - 150mL
      $9.50 - 473mL
      $28.50 - 1.8L Pitcher

      3.3% ABV. Our conventionally-fermented kettle sour, then barrel-aged with wild yeast, adding complex, spicy phenols and fruity flavours. This white-wine-like beer is easy-drinking, providing taste of tart apple, oak, cracker and a subtly funky character.

    • Midnight Combine (2021)

      Midnight Combine (2021)

      $5.00 - 150mL
      $9.50 - 295mL

      9.2% ABV. This year’s Midnight Combine aged in oak barrels for a YEAR, this Belgian-style Dark Strong is wine-like with chocolate spicy notes.

    • Brewer's Tap

      Brewer's Tap

      $3.38 - 150mL
      $8.50 - 473mL
      $25.50 - 1.8L Pitcher

      An ever changing tap serving up new ideas from our brewing team as they test out fun new recipes prior to brewing them on the larger scale brewhouse. Ask your server about our current selection!

    • Flights

      Want a little bit of everything? Try one of our specialty flights, or make your own!

    • Jumpingpound Flight

      Jumpingpound Flight

      $12 - 4 x 150mL

      Love sour beer and can't decide? Try all 4 in this set flight of Jumpingpound, Jumpingpound with Citrus Mango Syrup, Jumpingpound with Strawberry Syrup, and Jumpingpound with Saskatoon Berry Syrup!

    • Build Your Own Flight

      Build Your Own Flight

      $12 - 4 x 150mL
      $15 - 5 x 150mL
      $18 - 6 x 150mL

      Build your own flight of 4, 5, or 6 draft products! Mix and match any of our house-made draft, guest draft beer, cider, and mead products.

    • Bottled Beer

    • Midnight Combine (2021)

      Midnight Combine (2021)

      $18 - 750mL Bottle

      9.2% ABV. Our annually released Midnight Combine is a strong, Belgian-style dark ale aged in American oak barrels for at least 3 months and allowed to undergo a secondary ferment through an inoculation with Brettanomyces yeast. The result is a blend of chocolate and subtle burned sugar paired with a mild wine-like acidity and complex blend of spicy phenols. Wood aging adds another dimension to this beer, making it bear some resemblance to a big, dark wine. This beer has been conditioned in the bottle and will continue to evolve as the beer ages, and is intended for cellaring for up to 3 years.

    • Midnight Combine (2020)

      Midnight Combine (2020)

      $20 - 750mL Bottle

      9.0% ABV. Our 2020 edition is a Belgian-style strong, dark beer aged in oak red wine barrels and co-fermented with wild microorganisms to produce a blend of sweet vanilla and dark fruit flavours along with a mild acidity like red wine and a complex blend of spicy phenols.

    • Midnight Combine (2019)

      Midnight Combine (2019)

      $20 - 500mL Bottle

      10.2% ABV. Cellared for over a year in bottle after oak aging and blending, our 2019 Midnight Combine is a well-integrated and complex Belgian-style strong, dark beer, which we’ve also co-fermented with wild microorganisms for an exceptionally unique experience, more akin to wine.

    • Robin Des Bois

      Robin Des Bois

      $18 - 750mL Bottle

      6.5% ABV. A dry all-brett-fermented barrel-aged red ale with berry-like flavours and chocolatey undertones. This beer appeals to a wider range of beer drinkers than most wild-fermented ales.

    • Firebrand


      $16 - 650mL Bottle

      10.3% ABV. Tennessee Whiskey Barrel-Aged Baltic Porter. Rich, bold and decadent, this beer is perfect for sipping by the fire, perhaps enjoying a good book.

    • Zinful


      $16 - 650mL Bottle

      10.3% ABV. California Zinfandel Barrel-Aged Baltic Porter. Our 100th batch baltic porter aged for one year in a California Zinfandel (2018) barrel, adding mellow and slightly fruity notes to this rich and decadent beer.

    • S.T.E.V.E.


      $17.50 - 650mL Bottle

      10.4% ABV. A blend of 15-month bourbon barrel-aged and 3-month stainless-aged imperial stouts, further bottle-aged for 2.5 years. A deceptively smooth, full-bodied drinking experience without the sharpness of younger examples.

    • Gluten Free Alcoholic Beverages

    • Village Cider

      Village Cider

      $3.38 - 150mL
      $8.50 - 473mL
      $25.50 - 1.8L Pitcher

      5.5% ABV. Village Brewery (Calgary, AB). Their flagship crisp apple cider gives a sweet and balanced gluten-free non-beer option to our selection of draft beverages!

    • Fallentimber Meadjito

      Fallentimber Meadjito

      $3.38 - 150mL
      $8.50 - 473mL
      $25.50 - 1.8L Pitcher

      5.5% ABV. Fallentimber Meadery (Water Valley, AB). Sparkling mead made with Alberta honey and blended with lime juice and fresh mint for a wonderfully refreshing taste of summer in a glass. Gluten Free, served on ice.

    • Daura Damm

      Daura Damm

      $10.00 - 330mL Bottle

      5.4% ABV. Spanish Lager. Aromas of malt, citrus and hops; light-bodied and moderately carbonated, with flavours of fresh citrus and malt. Gluten Removed.

    • Wine

    • Glass of House Red Wine

      Glass of House Red Wine

      $8.00 - 150mL

      14% ABV. Blackbox Cabernet Sauvignon. Soft, dark berry, toasted oak, black currant (Chile).

    • Adobe Reserva Syrah

      Adobe Reserva Syrah


      13.5% ABV. Organic. Smoky blueberry and blackcurrant fruits with a very soft, voluptuous mouth feel. (Chile).

    • Soplo Grenacha

      Soplo Grenacha


      14% ABV. 90+pts. Wine Advocate. Soft and fruity, plum, berry, medium-full bodied (Spain). 750-mL bottle.

    • Undurraga Sibaris Pinot Noir Reserva

      Undurraga Sibaris Pinot Noir Reserva


      12.5% ABV. 88 pts. Wine Enthusiast. Medium-full body, cherry, plum, raspberry, hint of oak (Chile).

    • 1884 Estate Grown Malbec

      1884 Estate Grown Malbec


      14% ABV. 89 pts. Juicy dark fruits, bramble, and smooth elegance lead into a persistent finish with soft round tannins. (Argentina).

    • Aguaribay Malbec

      Aguaribay Malbec


      14% ABV. 87 pts. Wine Enthusiast. Oaky, acidic, funky aroma. Berry, plum (Argentina).

    • Hess Select North Coast Cabernet Sauvignon

      Hess Select North Coast Cabernet Sauvignon


      13.5% ABV. 88 pts. Wine Enthusiast. Big, bold, medium body, raspberry and dark cherry (California).

    • Glass of House White Wine

      Glass of House White Wine

      $8.00 - 150mL

      12% ABV. Flavours of fresh tropical fruit, bright citrus and crisp pear with a clean finish. (California).

    • Zenato Pinot Grigio

      Zenato Pinot Grigio


      12.5% ABV. Crisp, floral, and fruity this white is balanced with a hint of apple and a citrus finish.

    • Seven Terraces Sauvignon Blanc

      Seven Terraces Sauvignon Blanc


      13.0% ABV. 88 pts. Vibrant fruit aromas of ripe gooseberries, citrus fruits, bell peppers, and passionfruit (New Zealand).

    • Wente Morning Fog Chardonnay

      Wente Morning Fog Chardonnay


      13.5% ABV. 91 pts. James Suckling. Full body, generous apple, peach. Smooth and round (California).

    • Giusti Longheri Pinot Grigio

      Giusti Longheri Pinot Grigio


      13% ABV. Light and easy. Subtle and smooth with citrusy undertones (Italy).

    • Cocktails

    • Confluence Shaft

      Confluence Shaft


      1oz A perfect pick-me-up mix of espresso, coffee liqueur, and Confluence vodka sweetened with honey and a splash of cream, drank as a shot or a refreshing creamy cocktail. Contains Caffeine.

    • Root Beer Swirl

      Root Beer Swirl

      $9 - Single
      $13 - Double

      1 oz spiced rum with Grizzly Paw root beer and a splash of cream.

    • Creamsicle


      $9 - Single
      $13 - Double

      1 oz local vodka with Grizzly Paw orange soda and a splash of cream.

    • Prairie Dog Caesar

      Prairie Dog Caesar

      $9 - Single
      $13 - Double

      1 oz Our twist on this Calgary classic! House-made vegan (shellfish-free) Caesar mix with local vodka, house made salt rim and a spicy pickled bean.

    • Prairie Mule

      Prairie Mule

      $9 - Single
      $13 - Double

      1 oz local vodka with Grizzly Paw ginger beer and lime.

    • Black Cherry Gin Rickey

      Black Cherry Gin Rickey

      $9 - Single
      $13 - Double

      1 oz gin with lime and Grizzly Paw black cherry soda.

    • Bourbon Lemonade

      Bourbon Lemonade

      $9 - Single
      $13 - Double

      1 oz Bulleit Bourbon with lemonade infusion for a satisfying twist.

    • Classic Margarita

      Classic Margarita

      $9 - Single
      $13 - Double

      1 oz Milagro Tequila and Triple Sec with lime and simple syrup shaken over ice, served with a kosher salt rim.

    • Shooters



      1oz each Apple Pie, B-52, Burt Reynolds, Buttery Nipple, Melon Ball, Porn Star, Prairie Fire, Screaming Prairie Dog, Sour Jack.

    • Liquor

      Price is per 30mL / 1 fl oz. *Note: Due to COVID-19, cut fruit is no longer available or provided with highballs.

    • Vodka

      $8 - Potter's
      $9.50 - Confluence Headwater
    • Gin

      $8 - Tanqueray
      $9.50 - Two Rivers Cockscomb
    • Rum

      $8 - Secret Barrel White
      $8 - Captain Morgan's Spiced
      $9.50 - Havana Club Dark
    • Tequila

      $8 - Milagro Silver
      $10.50 - Don Julio Reposado
    • Rye

      $8 - Alberta Premium
      $9 - Crown Royal
      $9.50 - Alberta Premium Dark Horse
    • Bourbon

      $9 - Jack Daniel's
      $9.50 - Bulleit
    • Whiskey and Scotch

      $9.50 - Tullamore Dew
      $9.50 - Glenmorangie 10 Year
      $10.50 - Ardbeg Wee Beastie
    • Liqueur


      Grand Marnier, Disaronno, Bailey's, Jagermeister, Fireball, Kahlua, Sour Puss, Various Schnapps.

    • Beverages

    • Bottomless Fountain Soda

      Bottomless Fountain Soda


      Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, 7-Up, Schweppes Ginger Ale, Iced Tea or Soda Water. Free Refills.

    • Pink Lemonade

      Pink Lemonade


      House made lemonade with cranberry juice in a 16 oz glass. Make it a hard lemonade with 1 oz of vodka for $5 more.

    • Grizzly Paw Craft Sodas

      Grizzly Paw Craft Sodas


      Canmore-made Grizzly Paw Root Beer, Orange Cream Soda, Black Cherry Cola, or Ginger Beer sodas.

    • Kid-Sized Beverages

      Kid-Sized Beverages

      $1.50 - Apple, Orange, Wildberry Juice Box, Cranberry or Pineapple Juice
      $2.00 - Bottomless Fountain Soda
      $3.00 - White or Chocolate Milk

      Kid-friendly drink offerings in an 8oz plastic cup.

    • Coffee



      Premium arabica drip coffee. Add 1 oz Irish cream or any other well liquor for $5.50 more. Contains Caffeine.

    • Tea



      Ask your server about our selection of black, green and herbal teas.

    • Virgin Cocktails

    • Virgin Root Beer Swirl

      Virgin Root Beer Swirl


      Virgin. Grizzly Paw root beer and a splash of cream.

    • Virgin Creamsicle

      Virgin Creamsicle


      Virgin. Grizzly Paw orange soda and a splash of cream.

    • Virgin Prairie Dog Caesar

      Virgin Prairie Dog Caesar


      Virgin. House-made vegan (shellfish-free) Caesar mix, house made salt rim and a spicy pickled bean.

    • Cartless Mule

      Cartless Mule


      Virgin. Grizzly Paw ginger beer and lime.

    • Virgin Black Cherry Rickey

      Virgin Black Cherry Rickey


      Virgin. Grizzly Paw black cherry soda and lime.

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