We are a brewery and restaurant done differently

  1. There are no restaurant groups behind us.
    We are a completely independent, family-owned and operated Alberta-based craft microbrewery and family-friendly barbecue restaurant (brewpub) based solely in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
  2. We do not believe in using tips as an incentive.
    Our staff work for fair wages and they genuinely care about doing a good job.
  3. We eschew restaurant norms.
    We work hard to eliminate the systemic sexism and discrimination commonly found in the restaurant and brewing industries. We do scheduling and performance management better, and we treat our staff with the respect and dignity that they deserve.
  4. We understand that our customers have unique needs and health concerns.
    For example, guests with allergies are just as important to us as everyone else, and we make great efforts to inform our customers about our menu items and what they contain.


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