Event Bookings

Are you looking for a unique and conversation-friendly event venue? We may be the perfect place! We are set up with ample space for event bookings of any size from 20-250 people (for less than 20 people, make a reservation by calling 403-407-2448 or go to http://reserve.bbq.beer). Our on-site microbrewery makes delicious craft beer and our bar serves up a variety of cocktails, highballs, gluten free and non-alcoholic options, while our kitchen churns out mouth-watering Southern-style barbecue and comfort food for meat eaters and vegetarians, alike.

Prairie Dog Brewing dining room.
Check Out Our Events Menu

We have experience with all sorts of events including weddings, corporate parties (including Holiday and Stampede parties), large birthday and graduation parties, silent auctions and other charity events, and even celebrations of life. Our massive BBQ pit gives us the ability to pump out a lot of high-quality meat for large Stampede and other corporate events.

We’d love to get started on your event booking today, please start by reading over our Events Menu and familiarizing yourself with our options, pricing, and booking policies, and if you are ready to speak with a coordinator, fill out our event booking form below – Please be sure to hit the Submit button.
Our coordinator should be able to get back to you within the next 2-4 days, subject to availability.

Please keep in mind that event bookings require a minimum 25% deposit at least 14-days prior to the event date, a signed contract and we need final guest numbers at least 7 days prior to an event.

The Prairie Dog Brewing dining room during a busy 2019 event.

Avoid Peak Times/Dates

Prairie Dog Brewing is a fully-operational restaurant — we do not have dedicated event space that sits vacant unless booked, so dining room space taken up by event bookings can displace our regular customers and cause a frustrating experience for anyone that arrives at our doors only to find us closed for the event, or at max occupancy and unable to find a seat. Customer experience is deeply important to us, so we vary event pricing based on how busy we expect to be at the time of the booking.

Peak times generally include lunch and dinner periods, Fridays and Saturdays all day, long weekend Thursdays or Mondays, Stampede Week, the two weeks surrounding St. Paddy’s Day, our anniversary (June 10th or thereabouts), days with large sporting events (eg. Superbowl), and more. When in doubt, just ask our events team for recommendations.

The Prairie Dog Brewing team serves up delicious barbecue and craft beer at the Calgary International Beerfest in May, 2018.

Use Drink Tickets

Our event pricing is based on a minimum spend that ensures that our brewpub won’t lose money by hosting your event, compared with what we’d expect to earn from that day’s typical sales and staffing levels. What a lot of our event clients do is cover the cost of a food buffet (or two) and buy a fixed number of drink tickets (eg. 2 per guest). These purchases should typically cover about 3/4’s of the minimum event spend. The remaining 1/4 of the minimum spend is expected to be covered by additional purchases of drinks and finger foods by the event attendees, themselves, outside of the pre-purchased items. At the end of the night, we tally up all the purchases by event attendees and organizers, and if necessary, the organizer only covers the small spread between actual sales and the minimum spend. Note that Staff Funds contributions (tips), while greatly appreciated by our team, are not counted towards minimum spend, as they do not cover brewpub costs or displaced revenue in any way.

The Prairie Dog Brewing team serves up delicious barbecue and craft beer at the Calgary International Beerfest in May, 2018.

Provide Accurate Guest Counts

Event pricing is often determined based on guest counts. Unfortunately, we do encounter situations where high guest counts are provided by event organizers, but fewer than half that number actually attend. By this point, it’s way too late for us to change event pricing — we’ve already prepared all the food for the event (all BBQ is made in advance), picked up rentals and rearranged our dining room to accommodate it, stocked our bar, scheduled more staff to work the event, changed our DoorDash hours and/or altered our public business hours to drive regular guests away, and so much more. Therefore, quoted event pricing will not be reduced if the number of guests is reduced less than 7 days prior to the event, so please make an effort to provide us with realistic guest counts, and be prepared to make up for the difference between our quoted minimum spend and your event’s actual spend in case you overestimate your guest counts.

Couple cheers'ing during Barrelpalooza Brewmaster's Dinner event at Prairie Dog Brewing.

Minimize Event Duration

When booking your event start/end times, tell us the time that you would like us to reserve space and seating for 30 or more guests. For example, a staff event may be scheduled to start at 2pm and formally end by 5pm, but you may know that 15-20 of your staff will probably want to linger into the evening to commiserate. We recommend that you specify 3 hours for the event and handle the lingering guests as a separate reservation, which helps keep your costs down by allowing us to reopen parts of the restaurant that were reserved for your event, while giving us a better idea of occupancy throughout the day for staffing and reservation purposes.

Reservations can be arranged with reasonably short lead time for groups of less than 30 people.