• Dine In: 750mL Bottle $18.00
  • To Go: 750mL Bottle $18.00

This first episode of our Sunrise experimental saison lands on the “clean” side of the barrel-aged spectrum, with a light body, effervescent mouthfeel, and lightly sweet and fruity pinot grigio wine character. Expect rich flavours of vanilla, pear, crisp apple and grape with oaky and crackery undertones.

Our Sunrise series starts with our golden-coloured Strait-Lace saison base recipe that is then aged in American oak red wine barrels where wine yeast, wild yeasts and/or bacteria encourage a secondary fermentation which can create flavours from fairly “clean” to “sour” or “funky”. Each barrel develops its own character that continues to evolve over time, leading to very unique episodic releases in the form of a single barrel release or a blend across several barrels. Beers from this series are intended to drink now, but are capable of cellaring and will most definitely evolve in the bottle over time. 

Released in tandem with our 1st episode of the Sunset series, Sunrise Episode 1 is a prime example of the opposite end of the spectrum of wine barrel aged beer. With many products offering strong funky and barnyard flavours via Brettanomyces yeast, this beer was left to develop the unique characteristics of a single barrel without the addition of any other souring cultures. The result is a single barrel episodic release that is dry, fruity, and immensely refreshing, resembling that of a glass of white wine. 

Try this beer side by side with Sunset Episode 1 and Robin des Bois to get a glimpse of the vastly different and complex beers coming from our growing barrel program. Sunrise and Sunset Episode 1 were both intended to highlight the wide array of flavours that the customer can expect with future episodic releases, each having its own unique identity.


  • Canadian Pilsner and Wheat malt
  • Rocky Mountain (Vienna) and Biscuit malt from Red Shed Malting (Penhold, AB)

Allergy Information

  • Wheat (Barley, Wheat, Oats)