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  • Single Can (473mL) $4.25
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  • 4-Pack Cans (473mL) $17.00
  • To Go: 946mL Howler Fill $9.00
  • To Go: 1.89L Growler Fill $16.00

This rich and malty lager highlights some of the fantastic malt grown and produced on our very own prairie lands. Expect a strong malty flavour with notes of chocolate, caramel, cracker and biscuit, with a sweeter profile based on the lager yeast.

ABV: 5.0% IBU: 23 SRM: 9.0

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Tasting Notes
Appearance: Creamy off-white/tan head with plenty of retention. Copper to amber in colour. Slight haze but fairly clear
Aroma: Strong biscuit and cracker flavours with a slight caramel sweetness. A slight floral note provides a nice balance to the maltiness
Flavour: Cracker, toast, and caramel notes with a pronounced earthy and floral bitterness
Mouthfeel: Crisp, effervescent, and refreshing to the palate with a slightly astringent finish
Notable Ingredients
Hops: Czech Saaz whirlpool addition for a spicy and slightly floral aroma to balance the strong malty flavours
Malts: Vienna malt from Maker’s Malt (Rosthern, SK) and Dark Munich Malt from Origin Malting (Strathmore, AB)
Other: Biergarten Lager yeast provides a dry and crisp taste unique to lagers


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  • Makers Malt (Rosthern, SK)
  • Origin Malting (Strathmore, AB)

Allergy Information

  • Contains Gluten from Barley
  • This product is brewed with Barley, a close relative of wheat and is classified as a Wheat Allergen

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