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This year’s Midnight Combine aged in oak barrels for a YEAR, this Belgian-style Dark Strong is wine-like with chocolate spicy notes.

Our annually released Midnight Combine is a strong, Belgian-style dark ale aged in American oak barrels for at least 3 months and allowed to undergo a secondary ferment through an inoculation with Brettanomyces yeast. The result is a blend of chocolate and subtle burned sugar paired with a mild wine-like acidity and complex blend of spicy phenols. Wood aging adds another dimension to this beer, making it bear some resemblance to a big, dark wine. This beer has been conditioned in the bottle and will continue to evolve as the beer ages, and is intended for cellaring for up to 3 years.



  • Finished and conditioned in the bottle with Brettanomyces Claussenii
  • Belgian Candi sugar and Molasses added to boil

Allergy Information

  • Wheat (Barley)

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