Our Super-B Hazy Wheat beer blended with cranberry and orange juice, which results in an extremely refreshing and low ABV beer built for those warm weather days in the sun.

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Using our bready, citrus heavy, and lightly dry hopped American Wheat beer as the base for this radler, we allow for the addition of cranberry and orange juice to amplify the refreshing citrus punch even further. Adding the juice lowers its ABV into the sessionable sub 5% range, making this a perfect easy drinker for any time of day. One can expect a pleasant combination of tangerine, stone fruit, orange and cranberry flavours with a mild bready and grainy malt backbone to balance the beer's acidity. Created as an easy drinking, low ABV, fruit beer that pairs with sunnier days and warmer weather.


Vienna Malt from Origin Malting (Strathmore, AB)

Allergy Information

  • Wheat (Barley, Wheat)
  • Orange Juice
  • Cranberry Juice


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