Champurrado Brownie


Inspired by Mexican hot chocolate, this spicy decadent brownie with strawberry preserve brings sweet and heat to your taste buds.

Champurrado is basically a spicy rich hot chocolate thickened with corn flour. It is traditionally enjoyed for the holidays and for celebrations. The Mayans and Aztecs would drink a very bitter chocolate and corn mixture to obtain power and strength. This dish is sweet and Spicy, like a rich hot chocolate with hot peppers. The heat in this decadent treat is balanced nicely by the sweet strawberry and beer preserve we put on top.


Semi-sweet chocolate, unsalted butter, liquid egg, kosher salt, white sugar, vanilla extract, all purpose flour, cayenne pepper, ground cinnamon, nutmeg, 35% cream, smoked butter, strawberries, yellow sugar, dopplebock beer.

Allergy Information

Allergens cannot be substituted out of this item.

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