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  • 2 strips of grilled bacon from the Prairie Dog Brewing add-on menu

    2 Slices of Bacon


    Thick-cut cured and smoked pork belly

  • Prairie Dog Brewing Dog Burger with brisket and pork pattie.

    The Prairie Dog Burger


    Two 4-oz brisket and pork patties, hop-smoked thick-sliced bacon, aged white cheddar, Red BBQ sauce, artisan romaine lettuce, caramelized onions, smoked tomato sauce.

    Single patty burger – $17

  • Prairie Dog Brewing Crispy Bacon Potato Salad side item.

    Crispy Bacon Potato Salad


    Red potato, smoked bacon, sweet and tangy dressing.

  • Prairie Dog Brewing bacon lardons add-on item

    Bacon Lardons


    Cubed house-smoked bacon. Like a crouton, but bacon.

  • Prairie Dog Brewing Boar Bison Burger

    Boar and Bison Burger


    Two 4-oz boar and bison patties, hop-smoked thick-cut bacon, sage and apple aioli, crispy onions, and 2-year aged white cheddar.

    Single patty option – $18

  • Prairie Dog Brewing's $35 Poutine menu item, a platter with fries, gravy, nacho cheese, fried cheese curds, brisket, pulled pork, bacon lardons, and green onions.

    The $35 Poutine


    Fries, beef gravy, nacho cheese sauce, fried curds, brisket, pulled pork, bacon lardons, and some green onions for colour (good to share with 3-5 people; non-fried curds available).

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