Midnight Combine (2019)

Midnight Combine (2019)

$18.95 - 500mL Bottle

10.2% ABV. Cellared for over a year in bottle after oak aging and blending, our 2019 Midnight Combine is a well-integrated and complex Belgian-style strong, dark beer, which we’ve also co-fermented with wild microorganisms for an exceptionally unique experience, more akin to wine.

Product Information

Beer Style
Belgian Dark Strong Ale
Long Description
Midnight Combine is one of our most premiere barrel-aged beer products, because it takes an immense amount of cost, time and effort to create. Each year, around November, we release a new blend of this beer made with product that we aged in oak wine barrels for 4-6 months prior to blending and bottling it for our Fall release. We design these blends to so that the beer can be further aged/cellared by the owner, giving it time for flavours to integrate and round out, for alcohol heat to further dissipate, and for wild yeast to create further flavour complexity. While the beer can be consumed fresh, it is almost always better with aging (we plan for the beer to peak at around 2-3 years in age). Why Midnight Combine “Midnight Combine” is an uncommon phrase, but is instantly familiar to most who have grown up on a farm. Running the combines into the wee hours of the night is often what a farmer has to do to get the job done at harvest time. Farmers are measured and calculated in their work - thinking slow, considering all aspects, and putting in the time to decide what the best course of action is. Then, once a plan is made, the hard work starts and doesn’t stop until it’s done. The farmer’s stamina is like no other. This beer has been aged, taking its time to develop character, and has evolved into a delicious treat - a worthy reward for any all-nighter. Vital Stats OE: 18.8P AE: 0.5P Serving Recommendations: Serve at 8-12C in a snifter or tulip-style glass. Refermented in bottle with brettanomyces yeast.