Kettle Sour Gone Wild!

Kettle Sour Gone Wild!

$3.88 - 150mL
$5.25 - 250mL
$9.50 - 473mL
$28.50 - 1.8L Pitcher

3.3% ABV. Our conventionally-fermented kettle sour, then barrel-aged with wild yeast, adding complex, spicy phenols and fruity flavours. This white-wine-like beer is easy-drinking, providing taste of tart apple, oak, cracker and a subtly funky character.

Product Information

Beer Style
Berliner Weisse
Long Description
Best Serving Temperature: Treat this beer like a sparkling white wine, serve between 40F and 50F (4.5-10C). Better on the warmer side. Glassware Recommendation: Belgian-style tulip, snifter, stemware wine glass. Any glass with curved main body tapering narrower toward brim to hold in aromas and direct to nose while sipping. Tasting Notes Appearance: Gold with a subtle pink hue. Slight haze in younger examples, clarifying with cold conditioning time. Delicate white head that fades quickly. Effervescent. Aroma: Acidic with plenty of oak, grape skins, apple, spicy hints, subtle leather and barnyard funky phenolics. Underlying biscuit and bread malty character. Flavour: Tart apple, oak, cracker, bread, subtle funky character. Mouthfeel: Some phenolic spicy sensation on the tongue, as well as effervescent, acidic bite, which is well tempered by sweeter notes in the light bodied beer. Notable Ingredients Hops: Magnum for bittering. Hops do not play a noteworthy role in the flavour profile of this beer. Malts: Alberta wheat and barley malt make up the majority of the grist (pils, wheat, Vienna), with German sour malt to aid in acidification (to drop mash pH below 4.2 for safe bacterial souring). A small portion of our house-smoked oats add background complexity. Other: Brettanomyces claussenii yeast makes a subtle but important impact on the final flavour profile of this beer, adding fruity notes and complex, funky phenolics while allowing it to age without oxidizing negatively. Oak aging adds wood character, including vanillin, the same compound used to make artificial vanilla flavour.