You won the Golden Prairie Dog Hunt! Follow the directions below to claim your prize!

What’s The Prize Again?

The winners of the annual Golden Prairie Dog Hunt are awarded weekly coupons for up to $21 off any one food item, every week, for a whole year. The coupons are awarded Sunday morning and expire Saturday night every week – if you miss a week, that week’s coupon is forfeit. The total approximate retail value for this prize is $1092.00 CAD.

These coupons are to be delivered digitally through the Prairie Dog Brewing Member Rewards web app. You will require a computer or smart device to claim these prizes.


How To Claim

  1. Take a photo with the little guy and post to social tagging us (@prairiedogbeer)
  2. If you haven’t already, sign up for Prairie Dog Brewing Member Rewards and fill in your First Name, Last Name, Email Address, and Phone Number.
  3. Email social@prairiedogbrewing.ca and let us know the following:
    1. Your social media handle
    2. The Name and Email you used to sign up for Member Rewards
    3. A description of how you found the prairie dog, so we can share on our website, social media and in our brewpub.
  4. Your first coupon will be available approximately one month after the first Golden Prairie Dog was found.

If you encounter any problems anywhere along the way, please contact social@prairiedogbrewing.ca and let us know how we can help!


The Small Print

The contest begins when the first clue is posted and ends when all prairie dogs are found. The first free meal will be available one month after the first prairie dog of each campaign is found, and is available at only the original Prairie Dog Brewing (105D 58 Ave SE) Brewpub location as long as it is open and in operation.

Must be 18 years or older to claim the prize. IDs will be checked. Bring your ID. One prairie dog winner per person. No repeat winners – previous winners may enter social media contests, but are not eligible for the free food for a year again. If searching with a group, only one person may win the prize. If you find a prairie dog, email social@prairiedogbrewing.ca to redeem. Your name, email and phone number will be required to claim the winning, as well as signing up for the Prairie Dog Brewing Member Rewards app which will be the delivery method for weekly winnings.

Winners will receive one digital coupon for $21 off one single food menu item (The equivalent of 1 pulled pork sandwich with regular side) per week that expires at 11:59pm on the last day of that week. Meal may be varied or other benefits substituted at the discretion of Prairie Dog Brewing if it is unable for any reason to offer the specified benefits, provided that the substituted benefits are reasonably equivalent in value to the original benefits. Cannot be redeemed for multiple food items to add up to the prize value, weekly or daily specials, or alcoholic beverages. A week is defined as any hours Prairie Dog Brewing is open for business Sunday through Saturday. Prairie Dog Brewing cannot be held accountable for acts of God, weather, and business interruptions during any week. Only one free meal may be claimed per week. Multiple meals cannot be saved for redemption at a later time; if a week is missed, the free meal for that week shall be forfeited. Only the person claiming the prairie dog can receive the free meal each week. No family members, friends, buddies, acquaintances or otherwise can redeem the prize for you. Winners consent to the use of their names and photos or likeness by Prairie Dog Brewing to promote the contest on Prairie Dog Brewing’s website, social media, in the brewpub and in print, and the contestant confirms that Prairie Dog Brewing and its associated businesses may correspond with the Applicant for any purposes by email or telephone. All employees of Prairie Dog Brewing are ineligible to win. APPROXIMATE RETAIL VALUE: $1092.00 CAD.

The contestant agrees to abide by the rules, policies and bylaws of Prairie Dog Brewing and understands that they are subject to change from time to time in the sole discretion of Prairie Dog Brewing. Prairie Dog Brewing may cancel a winner’s weekly prize if the winner fails to comply with Prairie Dog Brewing’s rules. Prairie Dog Brewing shall have no liability for any damages due to the termination or discontinuation of the weekly prize program. The contestant acknowledges that Prairie Dog Brewing shall not be liable to the contestant or anyone claiming through the contestant for loss, damages, personal injury (including death) or any other costs and/or expenses arising in any way out of this contest, and/or the use or consumption of any beer or other product produced by Prairie Dog Brewing or an associated business, and the contestant releases Prairie Dog Brewing, its directors, officers, shareholders, affiliates and any other associated business from and against any such liabilities. This contest shall be governed by the laws of the Province of Alberta and the federal laws of Canada applicable in that province. This agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the parties concerning the contest and contest benefits described herein.