Food Menu

Starters, Shareables & Salads

These items are perfect for sharing with friends or starting off with as appetizers, or to build a fun and unique combo.

A La Carte Barbecue

Our a la carte meat menu lets you build a custom barbecue platter with any selection and quantity of meat that you desire.

Signature BBQ Combo Platters

Our signature barbecue platters feature a combination of meat, side and sauce options to let you get a sense of what Prairie Dog Brewing is all about!

Much of this menu is designed to be shared family-style. Select a signature platter based on the number of people you want to feed and the amount of leftovers you’d like at the end, then choose your included sides and sauces. Our signature BBQ platters include fewer sides than the number of people that they are designed to feed with the meats. If you are feeding an especially hungry crowd or want more of a balance between meat and carbs or veggies, we recommend that you order extra sides.

Sandwiches / Handhelds

Sandwiches and burgers come with a choice of 1 regular side (upgrade to a premium side like Mac & Cheese or Poutine for $4). Sandwiches are served on house-made brioche buns, made with spent brewery grains. Substitute vegetarian Beyond Burger™ patty or gluten-free bun at no extra charge.


Don’t forget to try our unique and delicious desserts, including gluten-free options!

Kids Meals

These kids options are sized for children 10 and under, and priced for an accompanying adult meal. All items are served with fries. Beverage not included.


We have many sides available for dine-in and takeout. Most sides are individual portions, so our recommendation is to order at least one side per person.

BBQ Sauces

One of the fun aspects of our style of barbecue is that most of our meats come without sauce, so you can mix and match your own sauce choices from our selection of house-made sauces below.

Addons & Extras

Want some extra bacon or some nacho cheese to go with your poutine? We’ve got the goods.

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