Food delivery is up and running, and beer/liquor delivery is finally here! This sounds like a great time to celebrate by ravishing our tantalizing pork side ribs or Alberta beef brisket and tasty cheddar cornbread with chef Jay‘s mouth-watering red barbecue sauce! Ooh, or maybe some of those house-cut Kennebec fries in a poutine with signature fried cheese curds!!! Follow it up with a 4-pack of cans or a growler on Foodora, and you’re good to go!

Food Delivery

Use any of the services listed for online food delivery. If you have any questions about these items such as potential allergens, check out our in-house takeout menu, which has more detail about our menu items than some of the online services.

Craft Beer and Liquor Delivery

Bottles and cans of our beer and liquor products now available for delivery!

Prairie Dog beer is again no longer available for delivery, as our lone liquor delivery partner, Foodora, has ceased Canadian operations. We are working to move forward with Skip the Dishes as fast as they allow us, and finally have most of the building blocks in place to launch that store, so check back here frequently, or look for announcements on social media (@prairiedogbeer on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter).

The online delivery partners below will provide liquor delivery options. Alberta liquor laws prevent our delivery partners from listing beer and food together on the same store, so we will have two stores set up on each platform, one for food, and one for liquor — the links below will take you to the liquor version of our store, while the links in the section above take you to the food section of our store.

Sorry! We were available on Foodora for a short time, but they are now shutting down in Canada and we’ve deactivated the service due to a lack of drivers.

Order Prairie Dog Beer on Skip the Dishes Soon!
Prairie Dog beer and barbecue will soon be available for delivery on Skip the Dishes.

All of our beer listed on the takeout menu will be eligible for delivery, as well as some of our guest liquor products.

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