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  • The Safe Bet Combo

    The “Safe Bet” Combo


    When the kids or adults don’t know what they want to eat, here is combo pack with our most popular items! (Serves 4-5)

    Comes with 1/2 rack of grilled ribs, 1/2lb of brisket, choice of 2 kids meals and fries, 2 x side cornbread, an order of popplers and an order of our bread pudding.

  • Prairie Dog Brewing Pickled Vegetables side.

    Pickled Vegetables


    Seasonal house-pickled vegetables.

  • Prairie Dog Brewing Hot-Smoked Pickled Vegetables side.

    Hot Smoked Pickled Vegetables


    Smoked seasonal house-pickled vegetables in a smoked butter and sage sauce.

  • Kids Pup Burger

    The Pup Burger (Kids)


    4-oz patty, cheddar cheese, and lettuce on a house-made brioche bun.

  • Kids Chicken Tenders on a bed of french fries

    Chicken Tenders (Kids)


    Deliciously breaded and fried chicken with plum sauce.

  • Prairie Dog Brewing's $35 Poutine menu item, a platter with fries, gravy, nacho cheese, fried cheese curds, brisket, pulled pork, bacon lardons, and green onions.

    The $35 Poutine


    Fries, beef gravy, nacho cheese sauce, fried curds, brisket, pulled pork, bacon lardons, and some green onions for colour (good to share with 3-5 people; non-fried curds available).

  • Falafel Burger

    Falafel Burger


    Chickpea-based patty, caramelized onions, malt vinegar pickles, artisan romaine lettuce, avocado-poblano dressing, provolone cheese.

  • Kids Macaroni and Cheese

    Mac and Cheese (Kids)


    Elbow pasta and creamy cheese sauce.

  • Prairie Dog Brewing's "Coterie" Signature BBQ Platter, with chicken, sausage, brisket, fried chicken tenders, sides, and sauces.

    The Coterie


    Signature BBQ combo platter with 1/2 chicken, 1/2 lb brisket, 2 sausages, kids chicken tenders, cornbread, fries. Feeds 2 adults and 2 kids. Comes with choice of 2 sauces.

  • Pickled red onion slices in a side ramekin

    Pickled Onions

  • Prairie Dog Brewing Popplers dessert item.



    Our house-made pretzel dough fried and rolled in cinnamon sugar, with stout buttercream sauce.

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