16-oz Prairie Dog Branded Beer Glass


A beer glass for beer lovers and other Prairie Dog fans, our Craft Master Grand branded beer glass is designed to maximize aroma and flavour while providing awesome stacking ability and maximizing head retention with a nucleated bottom (featuring our mascot, Alby). Full-colour Prairie Dog branding wraps the upper portion of the glass, with our white banner logo on the lower front side of the glass, along with “Calgary – Alberta – Canada”.

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Made by Rastal. From the folks that branded this beer glass for us:

This versatile, ergonomic glass sits comfortably in the hand and on the lip. Its wide bowl and flared top release aromas and accommodate a proper head, while a heavy base ensures a stable, well balanced glass that’s functional for everyday use. It features an innovative stacking shelf that keeps the weight of the glass off of the lip, helping to prevent chipping and sticking. Made of brilliantly clear glass, the Craft Master Grand enhances the colors, flavors, aromas and carbonation of beer, cider, coffee, cocktails and more.

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