Zinful Zinfandel Barrel-Aged Baltic Porter


Our 100th batch baltic porter aged for one year in a California Zinfandel (2018) barrel, adding mellow and slightly fruity notes to this rich and decadent beer.

We took Desperate Times, our unique take on a Baltic Porter and aged it in a single barrel that once held California Zinfandel (2018 vintage), bringing mellow dark fruit, vanilla, and toast undertones to an already rich and delicious porter. Lagered and barrel-aged, this beer is smooth and crisp, yet full bodied and deceptively easy drinking for its alcohol content. At over 10%, this beer brings a fair amount of alcoholic heat that is beautifully balanced and mellowed from its extended barrel-aging time of 1 year. The resulting flavours resemble that of a glass of sherry or port with plenty of oak, vanilla, toast, and dark fruit notes.


Pilsner and Munich malt from Origin Malting (Strathmore, AB)
Chocolate malt from Red Shed Malting (Penhold, AB)
Aged in a California Zinfandel (2018) barrel

Allergy Information

  • Wheat (Barley)