EDM (946ml Howler Refill)


 Pub-style English Mild ale with flavours of burnt caramel, raisin, and coffee, so sessionable you’ll be asking for another pint ‘o’ mild {insert English accent}.

ABV: 3.0% IBU: 18 SRM: 19.0

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With a straight-forward name for its straight-forward nature, EDM is a working class beer that was crafted to be sessionable, smooth, and very easy drinking. The use of English pale malt, along with a mix of 5 other specialty malts, creates a malt-forward beverage that highlights flavours of toast, toffee, dark fruit, chocolate, and coffee. Along with this comes a creamy and sustaining off-white head thanks to the addition of flaked oats and wheat. 


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Allergy Information

  • Wheat (barley, wheat, oats)