You’re Bluetiful (473ml Draft)


When life gives you lemons…add more fruit!!

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Next up on our rotating fruited KSGW series takes its inspiration from the lemon blueberry dessert loaf and comes just in time to celebrate 2021 Pride Week! We took our house KSGW blend and refermented it over 60 pounds of wild blueberry puree before adding a hint of lemon zest and vanilla to create an extremely approachable “barrel-aged sour” beer. Bursting with fruity citrus and berry notes paired with a delicately tart and full mouthfeel, this beer is sure to surprise many and blow away preconceived notions towards sour beers. 

$400 from the proceeds to be donated to Calgary Outlink which is a community-based, not for profit charity supporting gender and sexually-diverse individuals. Pouring a bright magenta hue and bursting with bright tart citrus and berry notes, this eye-catching beer is great for both the experienced craft beer drinker and those adventurously dipping their taste buds into sours for the first time. We’re often asked what fruit beer we have on tap, and while the term sour can be intimidating, our fruited sour line is a great place to start. In a flight, it should be after our wheat beers (ie: Little Bear, Super B) and before any heavy hitters such as the Tail Twitcher or Supinator.


  • Wheat (barley, wheat, oats)
  • Blueberry, lemon, vanilla

Allergy Information

Gluten (Barley, Wheat)

Lemon, Blueberry, Vanilla