Maple Cookie Doppelbock (946ml) Howler Refill


A 32oz (946ml) howler refill of our Supinator Doppelbock infused with flavours of vanilla, maple, milk (lactose) and nut-free almond to create a decadent winter warmer reminiscent of holiday baking. Price does not include howler jug.

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ABV: 7.6% IBU: 20 SRM: 16.0

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We took our Supinator Doppelbock, already crafted for the holiday season, and made this lager even more decadent through the addition of vanilla, lactose (milk sugar), maple, and nut-free almond flavour. This hazy beer should remind you of a maple sugar cookie and as such, it should pair well with all your holiday baking, or act as a satisfying stand-in without all of the work and dishes. Why did we do this? Because we all need a break from the sh*t sandwich that is 2020, and this will do nicely.


This beer features Munich malt from Origin Malting (Strathmore, AB), Canadian pilsner, caramunich malt (German), melanoidin malt (German). Czech Saaz hops. German bock lager yeast.

The following extracts were used:

  1. Vanilla (artificial)
  2. Maple syrup extract (natural, distillation)
  3. Almond (artificial, nut free, made with peach pits)
  4. Lactose


Allergy Information

  • Wheat (barley)
  • Contains lactose (milk sugar)

Artificial almond extract is made with peach pits and contains no nuts.