Phoeniix Baesar

  • $9.00

Our Riise of the Phoenix NEIIPA mixed with our house-made Vegan Caesar mix to create the perfect blend of sweet, savory and spicy.

A Baesar, sometimes called a Michelada, is a beer cocktail that uses beer as the base for a Caesar. We took our Mango and Habanero-loaded North East Double IPA, Riise of the Phoenix, and added our House-Made Vegan (Shellfish Free) Caesar Mix along with a standard Celery Salt Rim to really seal the deal!


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Allergy Information

  • Gluten (barley, wheat, oats)
  • Mango puree
  • Habanero peppers
  • TomatoesΒ 
  • Celery (in rimmer)
  • Vegan

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