Paris Of The Berries

Saskatoons and strawberries turn this barrel-aged sour into a fruity, sweet and tart delight.

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Originally brewed as a 40L cask for Rocky Mountain Wine and Food Festival, this was the very first cask we sold out of at a festival (approximately 330 pours!)! Selling out at the festival was proof this beer will be well received. Starting with blended batches of our Kettle Sour Gone Wild aged 4 to 12 months in barrel, we generously dose the finished product with Saskatoon and Strawberry. The name Paris of the Berries was inspired by one of our favourite artists Gord Downie of The Tragically Hip; the festival we originally created this beer for was held in October the same weekend as his death.


  • Saskatoon berries from Foothill County, AB
  • Strawberries, BC

Allergy Information

  • Wheat (barley, wheat, oats)


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