Desperate Times call for Desperate Measures and a Midnight Combine (2019)


Our dark and chocolatey Desperate Times Baltic Porter, as well as our barrel-aged Desperate Measures Imperial Stout, and our Midnight Combine (2019) barrel-aged Belgian-style dark strong beer.

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That's right, all three of our limited-release bottled beers in one very special bundle.

Dark and chocolatey, Desperate Times is our unique take on a Baltic Porter, a popular style in the Baltic region from bygone times. This beer features a malt/hop recipe similar to an American Imperial Porter, but is brewed with San Francisco Lager yeast, and lagered cold for several months, which gives it a sweeter, maltier and more bready flavour profile than an ale. Full-bodied with a balanced bitterness, this beer is surprisingly deceptive for its alcohol level.

Desperate Measures is a dark barrel-aged Imperial Stout blend made for desperate times. Clocking in at 10.4% ABV, this ale is deceptively smooth and easy to drink, with dark chocolate, fruit, vanilla, whisky and oak character coming across in both flavour and aroma, all coming from the malts, hops and whisky barrels in which it was aged. This bottling run is a naturally-carbonated blend, which combines 15-month oak-aged and 3-month stainless-aged Imperial Stout batches brewed in 2018 and 2019.

Expect this beer to age well in bottle, growing smoother and more malty with time as flavours continue to mingle and hop character diminishes.

Midnight Combine” is an uncommon phrase, but is instantly familiar to most who have grown up on a farm. Running the combines into the wee hours of the night is often what a farmer has to do to get the job done. Farmers are measured and calculated in their work - thinking slow, considering all aspects, and putting in the time to decide what the best course of action is. Then, once a plan is made, the hard work starts and doesn’t stop until it’s done. The farmer’s stamina is like no other. This beer has been aged, taking its time to develop character, and has evolved into a delicious treat - a worthy reward for any all-nighter.