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  • Prairie Dog Brewing $10 Holiday Bonus Card

    $10 Bonus Card

  • The Tapping the West Book - How Alberta’s Craft Beer Industry Bubbled Out of an Economy Gone Flat, by Scott Messenger.

    Tapping the West – Scott Messenger


    Perfect gift for the beer lover in your life or to add to your own beer book collection. Take a journey through the history of beer in Alberta. Scott Messenger interviewed our own Gerad Coles, discussing Prairie Dog’s experimental use of Aritinga Hops extract for better brew efficiencies. Nice little shout out to us in the book.

    Messenger winds up his narrative with a good, old-fashioned pub crawl, a fitting finale for the story of an industry that is, at its heart, about having fun with friends. Bringing together social history, politics, and science, Tapping the West is engaging and balanced—not unlike the perfect you-know-what.