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All cocktails and flight arrangements made in house by Prairie Dog Brewing.

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  • Cocktail 4 Flight

    • $14.00

    Enjoy a variety of cocktails in our select cocktail flight. Start off with a Prairie Mule, followed by a Black Cherry Gin Rickey, a Root Beer Swirl and finish off with a Chili Margarita.Β  1/2 an ounce of liquor per 5 oz Cocktail.

  • Cocktail with 1.5oz of Bulleit Bourbon and lemonade infusion for a satisfying twist.

    Bourbon Lemonade

    • $10.00

    1.5 oz Bulleit Bourbon with lemonade infusion for a satisfying twist.

  • Prairie Mule cocktail with 1oz local vodka with ginger beer and lime juice

    Prairie Mule

    • $9.00

    1 oz local vodka with Grizzly Paw ginger beer and lime.

  • Chili Margarita coktail with 1oz Milagro tequila, lime, chili pepper syrup and a spicy house-made salt rim

    Chili Margarita

    • $9.00

    1 oz Milagro Tequila with lime and chili pepper syrup in a rocks glass with a spicy, salty rim.

  • "Paw"loma

    The Pawloma

    • $10.50

    2oz A sweet take on the classic Paloma cocktail, with a pink sugar rim!

  • A glass of Prairie Dog Brewing's Tropatini cocktail.


    • $10.50

    2oz A tropical and easy to drink not-so-traditional martini.

  • A glass of Prairie Dog Brewing's Whiskey Sour cocktail.

    Whiskey Sour

    • $10.50

    2oz A sweet and sour classic with a hint of earl grey tea for whiskey lovers.

  • Prairie Dog Brewing Gin Rickey cocktail with 1.5oz of gin, lime and black cherry soda.

    Black Cherry Gin Rickey

    • $10.00

    1.5 oz gin with lime and Grizzly Paw black cherry soda.

  • Root Beer Swirl cocktail with 1oz of local spiced rum, root beer, and a splash of cream

    Root Beer Swirl

    • $9.00

    1 oz spiced rum with Grizzly Paw root beer and a splash of cream.

  • A Prairie Dog Brewing twist on this Calgary classic! House-made vegan Caesar mix with 1oz local vodka, house-made salt rim and in-house-pickled vegetable garnish.

    Prairie Dog Caesar

    • $9.00

    Our twist on this Calgary classic! House-made vegan (shellfish-free) Caesar mix with 1 oz local vodka, house made salt rim and a spicy pickled bean.

  • An example of a Highball pour from Prairie Dog Brewing.

    Standard Highballs

    • $7.50

    All the standard well liquor-vodka, gin, rye, rum (white, dark, spiced), bourbon, scotch, tequila.

    *Note: Due to COVID-19, cut fruit is no longer available or provided with highballs.

  • Shooters

    • $7.50

    We have the liquor and mix to make many popular shooters. Some options include Burt Reynolds, Apple pie, Bad Captain and China White.

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