Build Your Own

BBQ Meats

Our a la carte meat menu lets you build a custom barbecue platter with any selection and quantity of meat that you desire.


Delicious side dishes to accompanying our award-winning barbeque meats. We recommend one side per person.


One of the fun aspects of our style of barbecue is that most of our meats come without sauce, so you can mix and match your own sauce choices from our selection of house-made sauces below.

  • Prairie Dog Brewing Smoked Tomato Sauce

    Smoked Tomato Sauce


    House-made tomato sauce. Slightly sweet. 2-oz serving.

  • Prairie Dog Brewing Smoked Ketchup sauce.

    Smoked Ketchup


    House-made ketchup. Great for fries. 2-oz serving.

  • Prairie Dog Brewing Alabama-style white sauce

    Alabama White Sauce


    Mayonnaise and Horseradish base sauce. Great for chicken. 2-oz serving.

  • Prairie Dog Brewing Carolina Gold Mustard Sauce.

    Carolina Gold Mustard Sauce


    Yellow mustard and malt vinegar sauce with chipotle peppers. 2-oz serving.

  • Prairie Dog Brewing Red BBQ Sauce.

    Red BBQ Sauce


    Sweet Kansas City style barbecue sauce. Lots of apple flavour; great for everything! 2-oz serving.

  • A small side portion of Prairie Dog Brewing's Baja Sauce, part of our Baja seasonal menu.

    Baja Sauce


    A mouth-watering spicy cream sauce flavoured to warm you up, with smoked chipotle peppers in adobo sauce, cilantro and lime.

  • House Hot Sauce 2oz

    House Hot Sauce


    Slightly smokey, rich in flavour and spicy! This hot sauce was developed for those guests that are seeking some pop with every bite! 2-oz serving.

  • A 2 oz portion of Prairie Dog Brewing's Mango Habanero Hot Sauce served in a white ramekin

    Mango Habanero Hot Sauce


    Combining the sweet flavours of mango with the smokey spice of habaneros create a zippy BBQ sauce perfect to spice up any of our BBQ meats. 2-oz serving.

  • Placeholder

    Dr. Pepper BBQ Sauce


    Dark BBQ sauce that is inspired by the ever popular Dr. Pepper soda. This soda inspired bbq sauce pairs well primarily with ribs and pulled pork. 2-oz serving.


Want some extra bacon or nacho cheese with to go with your poutine? We’ve got you covered.


Don’t forget to try our unique and delicious desserts, including gluten-free options.