Build Your Own

BBQ Meats

Our a la carte meat menu lets you build a custom barbecue platter with any selection and quantity of meat that you desire.

  • Prairie Dog Brewing barbecued chicken half on a platter.



    72-hr-brined fryer chicken; plump and juicy. Comes with choice of sauce.

  • Prairie Dog Brewing pulled pork - full pound.

    Pulled Pork


    72-hr-brined Canadian bone-in pork shoulder; rubbed in our pork spice blend and slow-smoked for up to 10 hours. Comes with choice of sauce on the side.

  • Prairie Dog Brewing BBQ Beef Brisket - Full Pound.



    Alberta AAA+ beef brisket, salt and pepper rub, slow-smoked to perfection. Comes with choice of sauce.

  • Prairie Dog Brewing Pastrami BBQ beef brisket



    Alberta AAA+ beef brisket brined 7 days, then rubbed in Dijon mustard, coriander and pepper before smoking. Comes with choice of sauce.

  • Prairie Dog Brewing Grilled BBQ Pork Side Ribs menu item

    Grilled BBQ Pork Sideribs


    Prairie Dog Brewing’s same award-winning ribs basted with our most popular house-made BBQ sauce, grilled and baked to perfection.

  • Chorizo Sausage


    A tasty spiced pork sausage. Comes with choice of sauce.

  • Prairie Dog Brewing Burnt Ends Sunday special.

    Sunday Burnt Ends Special


    Sunday only. A 5-oz portion of delicious candied beef brisket cubes with crispy onions and red barbecue sauce. Limited quantities available.

  • Prairie Dog Brewing BBQ Pork Side Ribs

    Pork Side Ribs


    2019 Barley and Smoke “Best Ribs” winner! St. Louis-cut pork side ribs; rubbed in our pork spice blend and smoked for 4 hours. Comes with choice of sauce.

  • A 1-lb portion of smoked turkey breast from Prairie Dog Brewing.

    Smoked Turkey


    Our turkeys have been brined for 3 days and smoked in Clifford, the big red smoker for a rich tasting white meat. Go ahead, indulge yourself this holiday season. Comes with 2oz of cranberry sauce.

    Add Poultry Gravy for an extra $1.00.


Delicious side dishes to accompanying our award-winning barbeque meats. We recommend one side per person.


One of the fun aspects of our style of barbecue is that most of our meats come without sauce, so you can mix and match your own sauce choices from our selection of house-made sauces below.


Want some extra bacon or nacho cheese with to go with your poutine? We’ve got you covered.


Don’t forget to try our unique and delicious desserts, including gluten-free options.  

  • Prairie Dog Brewing Popplers dessert item.



    Our house-made pretzel dough fried and rolled in cinnamon sugar, with stout buttercream sauce.

  • Prairie Dog Brewing Brioche Bread Pudding dessert item.

    Brioche Bread Pudding


    House-made with seasonal fruit coulis and stout buttercream sauce.

  • Prairie Dog Brewing Very Berry Cheesecake Dessert with Saskatoon-berry coulis topping.

    Very Berry Cheesecake


    This dine-in-only dessert is a delicious cheesecake made with local Saskatoon berries and a completely gluten-free recipe (you won’t be able to tell the difference between this cheesecake and one made with wheat flour).

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