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The Prairie Dog Brewing brewpub is a new Calgary business and was founded in early 2016 by Gerad Coles, Laura Coles, Tyler Potter and Sarah Goertzen. You can read more about each of the founders and their backgrounds on the Founders page.

Brewpub Lounge and Brewery Equipment

Prairie Dog will operate as a Calgary area brewpub with a cozy, bohemian vibe familiar to those who’ve spent time in brewpubs on the west coast, and we are currently targeting an opening in early 2018. We will brew beer on site and serve it directly to our customers on draught, as well as wholesaling some of our beer to other local businesses in the Calgary area. We are located at 105d 58th Ave SE only a couple blocks from the Chinook LRT station. The Prairie Dog brewpub will be family and conversation friendly, have an open concept, and our brewery equipment will be out in the open and easy to see. We believe in transparency and want our customers to be able to see our clean, well-kept facility and recognize the level of professionalism and care that goes into our beer.

The same level of transparency will be found in our kitchen, which will be run by Red-Seal certified Executive Chef Jay Potter with over 20 years of industry experience. Our menu will be concise and include a variety of familiar offerings with some upscale flare and the incorporation of beer into many recipes. Our meats will be locally-sourced and slow-cooked over several days, moist and extremely tender with well-integrated flavours.

With sixteen taps, our beer selection will vary frequently, allowing customers to continuously try something new while returning to a few familiar staples. Many of our beers will be American and English styles such as hoppy IPAs, flavourful English porters and stouts, and American wheat beers along with a few off-the-wall styles. Many of the areas that have already experienced the explosion of craft beer have also experienced an explosion in alcohol levels in their beer, with many taprooms offering a majority of beers over 7% ABV; this will not be Prairie Dog. We aim to demonstrate that craft beer doesn’t have to be high in alcohol to be flavourful; we will always have at least one beer on tap with an alcohol content at or below 4% ABV, with the majority of our beers being 4.5 – 5.5% ABV. Of course, we will make IPAs in the typical alcohol range for the style, as well as a few high-alcohol beers such as Barleywines and Imperial Stouts, which are intended as “sippers” and will be served in appropriate glassware. We will also host several guest taps to showcase exceptional beer, mead, and cider made by other local breweries. Our staff will be educated and demonstrate superior knowledge of the production of our beer and will be capable of providing recommendations for food pairings. Prairie Dog will be the kind of place where you often see the brewers walking around, chatting with customers asking for feedback and sharing their knowledge of beer and brewing with anyone who asks.

We hope this sounds like the type of place you’d love to spend time in, and we look forward to seeing you at Prairie Dog Brewing soon!

Brisket Sandwich with Cornbread and American IPA
Founders at Epic Brewing
Barbecue Ribs
Prairie Dog Brewpub Bar Detail View.
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