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The most important thing to know about our beer lineup is that it is constantly changing and includes a wide variety of styles. We usually have about 8-10 of our own beers on tap, which you can learn more about below. We are also proud to host two-week rotating guest taps that feature beer from different Alberta-owned craft breweries – see our Alberta Beer Showcase page for more information (or look at our showcase calendar). We also have craft cider from locals like Lekker and Uncommon, meads from FallenTimber, and several other Alberta products such as liquors, non-alcoholic beer, wines, and more.

At the pub, beer is sold as 16-oz US pints and 5-oz flight glasses (yes, we do flights!). Prairie Dog beer is also available in 32-oz howlers and 64-oz growler jugs for off-site consumption, either in our new glass jugs or refills (we will refill third-party growlers).

When looking through the menus below, feel free to click on any of the beers to learn more about the process of making the beer, special ingredients, etc.

Prairie Dog Mainstay Beers

We have the following Prairie Dog beer on tap nearly all the time (and available for wholesale keg sales). These beers are often our most popular sellers because they are well-balanced, flavourful and easy to drink, and feature loads of complex flavour from Alberta malts and other premium ingredients.

Super-B Hopped Wheat

[Temporarily out of stock] 4.8% ABV, 23 IBU, 6 SRM

This American-style wheat beer pours golden and hazy with a white, foamy head, and features prominent citrus, stone fruit, and bread aroma. The beer has a light, refreshing body with moderate carbonation and a dry but soft bread-flavoured finish and mild grainy aftertaste. An easy drinker that won’t fatigue the palate.

Tail-Twitcher IPA

[IT'S BACK!] 6.6% ABV, 75 IBU, 9 SRM

Clear, amber and dry, this modern example of an American-style IPA bursts with tangerine, lemon and a resinous grapefruit character overlaid upon a tasty base of Alberta malts. Amarillo, Lemondrop and Mosaic hops are generously added late in the boil and throughout several massive dry-hop steps. In spite of the intense hop character, bitterness is balanced to allow the underlying malt flavour to shine through in this dry-finishing beer.

Little Bear Kölsch

4.4% ABV, 23 IBU, 4.2 SRM

Flavourful but easy drinking, our Kölsch-style ale is clean and crisp with a slightly sweet grainy flavour and a dry finish. Based on the pilsner style, but fermented with ale yeast and lagered for several weeks, this beer has a pleasant, soft and surprisingly refreshing flavour profile that makes it stand tall beside its lager brethren.

Coffee Kölsch

4.3% ABV, 21 IBU, 7 SRM

Our Little Bear Kölsch recipe infused with a custom blend of cold-brew coffee by Typeface Coffee Roasters, which brings milk chocolate, toffee and caramel notes to the beer – no harsh coffee bitterness at all. Tastes like a Coffee Crisp bar in a glass.

Currently Available Prairie Dog Barrel-Aged Beer

Barrel-aging is used to round out beer and other liquor products, often bringing in flavours of wood, vanilla, toast, smoke, and flavour from whatever products previously occupied the barrels (whiskeys, wines, etc). Thus, barrel-aged beers are usually more complex and refined than those that have not been aged.

Barrel-aging is extremely time-consuming, and every barrel has it’s own “personality” that comes out in the beer, so some Prairie Dog barrel-aged beer releases come from a single, 200-litre barrel. Therefore, these beers are only available in ultra-limited quantities and represent our premium lineup of products. At present, barrel-aged beer is only available for consumption at Prairie Dog Brewing’s Calgary brewpub location, on draught. We are planning to bottle some of these premium products for off-site consumption and longer-term cellaring in the future. Follow us on social media (@prairiedogbeer – links at top right corner of this site) to learn about barrel-aged beer releases and other happenings at the pub!

Kettle Sour Gone Wild!

3.3% ABV, 7 IBU, 3 SRM

When we brewed the first batch of our kettle sour, which turned out to be wildly popular, we squirrelled away 400-litres of the beer in oak red-wine barrels and began to age it. After several months, we transferred the beer to a second barrel and inoculated it with brettanomyces yeast, a form of “wild” yeast that adds loads of complex phenols and some fruity notes to this highly spirited and white-wine-like beer, which still clocks in at under 3.5% ABV.

Currently Available Prairie Dog Small-Batch/Seasonal Beers

This is our current list of small-batch and seasonal beers. We often brew these items in 1200-litre batches, which means that the beer runs out fast. If you want to try one of the beers listed here, please try to make it down as soon as possible to get a taste! Most small-batch beers are available for growler-fills until we hit our last two kegs of the beer.

Follow us on social media (@prairiedogbeer – links at top right corner of this site) to learn about releases of new seasonals, casks, and single-kegs of our workshop beer — pilot batches for new recipes.

Strait-Lace Saison

5.3% ABV, <10 IBU, 3.5 SRM

Our Strait-Lace Saison is extremely refreshing, effervescent and straw-coloured with moderate haze. Fermented with Belgian yeast, this ale features complex pepper and spice character, which we overlay on a bready Canadian barley/wheat malt base that finishes with subtle notes of biscuit and cracker, which are contributed by specialty malts from Red Shed Malting (Penhold, AB).

Philpott’s Honey Chamomile Wheat

5.6% ABV, 4.5 SRM, 17 IBU

We designed our award-winning Philpott’s Honey Chamomile Wheat beer from the ground up and used a generous addition of chamomile flowers and fresh Alberta Philpott honey to give the beer a unique and tasty flavour profile that makes it an ultimate summer season crusher!

Gopher Broke Mango DIPA

8.5% ABV, 9 SRM, 75+ IBU

We really did go all out for this mango and hop-infused double IPA! Gopher Broke is a higher-alcohol hop and fruit bomb with real mango and an assertive bitterness with grassy undertones from massive hop additions, all backed by the flavour of Alberta malt.

Ginger Lime Gose

5.1% ABV, 13 IBU, 4 SRM

Our Gose features the flavour and aroma of freshly zested limes, diced ginger, and coriander over a hazy, bready base.

Smoke on the Lauter

5.2% ABV, 30 IBU, 6.4 SRM

Our Smoke on the Lauter is a medium-bodied oat pale ale with restrained American hops and smokey aromas and flavour over a pleasant base beer with a soft, pleasant mouthfeel. The smoke in this beer dominates but is not harsh or acrid, and features a toasty, woody character reminiscent of campfire, which interplays wonderfully with the malts and nutty oat flavours.

California Common

5.4% ABV, 38 IBU, 11 SRM

Our version of this classic west-coast amber ale/lager hybrid has a foamy head with an assertive, old-school West-coast bittering/flavour hop to balance out the toasty, malty base and roasty undertones.

Gunnison’s Red Ale

5.5% ABV, 24 IBU, 14 SRM

Named after the boisterous Gunnison’s Prairie Dog of the four-corners region, our red ale takes cues from the class Irish Red style, employing a hint of roasted barley for colour and taste atop a base of sweeter caramel malts with a deliberate underlying bitterness that keeps the beer palatable and adds a pleasant aftertaste, but includes a late dose of Chinook hops for a spicier, American-style finish. Our house yeast keeps the beer dry with a malty backbone, making it easy to have another.

Coming Soon

Here are a few of the beers that we currently have in process and expect to be putting on tap within the next month.

Coconut Brown Ale

5.5% ABV, 31 IBU, 16 SRM

This signature brown ale is a Prairie Dog seasonal and crowd favourite, which features a load of Alberta barley malt overlaid with a huge dose of shredded coconut that we toast in house prior to infusing into the beer.

Kettle Sour

3% ABV, 7 IBU, 3 SRM

A modern take on German Berliner-weisse with a tart acidity and surprising level of flavour and body for such a low alcohol beer, with plenty of malty, husky grain flavour and a pale yellow colour with some haze.

Past Prairie Dog Small-Batch/Seasonal Beers

Small-batch and seasonal beers come and go from our lineup, sometimes a small-batch is so popular that we brew it again and again, but at some point, it needs to take a back-burner for us to try out new recipes and keep the beer lineup fresh. Seasonal items may come back again around the same time each year, but we are too young to guarantee that any beer will show back up a second time.

Here’s a list of some of the past small-batch, seasonal beers we’ve had on tap at Prairie Dog:

Pucker Up Chuck

5.5% ABV, 35 IBU, 28 SRM

Dark chocolate meets tart red wine and wood character in this barrel-aged, sour stout. Sweetness backs up the bold, fruity character, with undertones of vanilla and toffee. Soured with wild bacteria while aging three months in a 3rd-use bourbon barrel. No wine or wine-barrel-aging was involved, the wine character is entirely the result of the beer, wood, and microbiology involved.

Lime Gose

5.1% ABV, 15 IBU, 3.8 SRM

Our lime gose bursts with the flavours of whole-fruit limes over top a delicious, slightly hazy base of bread, cereal and biscuit flavours. Highly carbonated and relatively acidic, this beer is a warm-weather crusher that goes spectacularly with a shot of tequila!

Vanilla-Oaked Porter

6.7% ABV, 32 IBU, 30 SRM

Our first public release of a Prairie Dog barrel-aged beer. Our house porter aged for several months in a French oak red wine barrel, which gave the beer plenty of wood, vanilla and stone-fruit character (cherry). We’ve added a hint of vanilla to round out the flavour profile of the beer.

Coco Smoke

5.5% ABV, 30 IBU, 7 SRM

This small-batch started with our popular Smoked Peppa Pale Ale base, which we then infused with Ecuadorian Arriba Nacional cacao beans to add rich dark chocolate flavours and aromas. The slightly warming, peppery base beer has subtle smokey notes that blissfully interplay with the cacao flavours.


5.9% ABV, 32 IBU, 32 SRM

Our American-style porter has been a long-standing favourite as a home-brew recipe, which we adapted to our commercial brewing system with great results. The beer features loads of dark, complex malts with notes of toasted caramel, coffee and chocolate overlaid by a pleasant spicy/herbal hop character. The beer has a full body but finishes fairly dry, making it easy to have more than one.

Smoked Peppa Pale Ale

5.5% ABV, 30 IBU, 4 SRM

This tasty English-style pale ale is a Goldilocks beer — not too spicy and not too smoky, just right. It starts with a blend of our in-house-smoked oats and Alberta malts, and is “dry-hopped” in fermenter with a mix of smoked peppers for a complex and refreshing finish, with crackery malt underpinnings and just the right level of bitterness for balance and a pleasant warming sensation from the hot-peppers.

Oatmeal Stout

5.5% ABV, 35 IBU, 30 SRM

This oatmeal stout is based on a long-standing recipe that Gerad brought with him from his home-brewing days. Not too bitter, not too sweet, this beer is perfectly balanced and stands on a complex base of character malts, including a small portion of our signature in-house-smoked oats.

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