Table Saison

5.0% ABV, 30 IBU, 2.5 SRM
Short Description: Our table saison is pale, refreshing, flavourful and easy drinking with spicy and fruity notes.
Long Description: At a lower-alcohol than our Strait Lace Saison, this straw-coloured table-strength saison features more noble hop spiciness along with plenty of the clove and fruit character that comes from our Belgian yeast. Bready malt flavours round out this refreshing, effervescent ale.
Best Serving Temperature: 4-10C (40-50F)
Glassware Recommendation: Belgian-style glass or snifter. Any glass designed to channel aromas to the nose while sipping.
Tasting Notes
Appearance: Straw coloured, heavily hazy with delicate white head. Effervescent.
Aroma: Cracked black pepper, clove phenol and background banana ester, mild bubblegum. Bread.
Flavour: Peppery spicy with some clove on a light bready base with a moderate underlying bitterness.Β 
Mouthfeel: Peppery, spicy sensation on the tongue. Moderately high carbonation. Light bodied and refreshing.
Notable Ingredients
Hops: Czech Saaz for bittering and aromatics.
Malts: Canadian pilsner, wheat, and VIenna malts, as well as German Munich and crystal malts.
Other: Belgian ale yeast is responsible for adding substantial character to this beer.

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