Strait-Lace Saison

5.3% ABV, <10 IBU, 3.5 SRM

Our Strait-Lace Saison is extremely refreshing, effervescent and straw-coloured with moderate haze. Fermented with Belgian yeast, this ale features complex pepper and spice character, which we overlay on a bready Canadian barley/wheat malt base that finishes with subtle notes of biscuit and cracker, which are contributed by specialty malts from Red Shed Malting (Penhold, AB).

Tasting Notes

Appearance: Straw coloured, moderately hazy with delicate white head. Effervescent.
Aroma: Cracked black pepper, clove phenol and background banana ester. Sweet malt, bread, and faint must character.
Flavour: Peppery spicy with some clove on a bready base, which fades into a cracker-biscuit finish and lingers into the aftertaste. Mild bitterness takes back seat to spice, not cloyingly sweet in spite of low IBU rating.
Mouthfeel: Peppery, spicy sensation on the tongue. High levels of carbonation. Light to medium bodied and refreshing.

Notable Ingredients

Hops: Czech Saaz for bittering.
Malts: Canadian Pilsner and Wheat malts form the foundation of this beer, along with Rocky Mountain and Biscuit malts from Red Shed Malting (Penhold, AB)
Other: Belgian ale yeast is responsible for adding substantial character to this beer.


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