Smoked Peppa Pale Ale

5.5% ABV, 30 IBU, 4 SRM

We are currently tapped out of our Smoked Peppa, but if you liked that beer and also like spicy heat, try out our Fire Whistle, a barrel-aged version of our Smoke on the Lauter aged with habaneros.

This tasty English-style pale ale is a Goldilocks beer — not too spicy and not too smoky, just right. It starts with a blend of our in-house-smoked oats and Alberta malts, and is “dry-hopped” in fermenter with a mix of smoked peppers for a complex and refreshing finish, with crackery malt underpinnings and just the right level of bitterness for balance and a pleasant warming sensation from the hot-peppers.

While the beer has some spicy, peppery, smokey flavours, it is still easy drinking and makes a fantastic base beer for additions of other smokey, roasted flavours, such as:

  • An added shot of bourbon or scotch (or barrel-aging in whiskey barrels)
  • Coffee additions
  • Chocolate additions


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