Philpott’s Honey Chamomile Wheat

5.6% ABV, 4.5 SRM, 17 IBU

Silver-medal winner at the 2019 Canadian International Beer Awards for Best Friday Cask! Hazy, effervescent, full-flavoured, floral and complex. We designed our Philpott’s Honey Chamomile Wheat from the ground up and used a generous addition of chamomile flowers and fresh Alberta Philpott Honey to give the beer a unique and tasty flavour profile. Chamomile dominates with a soft honey aroma and a satisfying bready, cracker-like finish from Alberta malts. We used East Kent Golding hops for bittering and at whirlpool to reinforce the floral aroma. Everything comes together to make this a super easy-drinking, delicious summer beer.

Notable Ingredients

East Kent Goldings (UK) – both for bittering and flavour/aroma.
Canadian pilsner and wheat malts form the foundation of this beer, along with flaked Canadian wheat.
We use over 50lb of Philpott’s Honey in a 1200-liter batch of beer (honey comprises about 10% of the ingredients, by weight). We add the honey directly to the fermentation tank rather than during the boil, to preserve more of the aromatics.

Tasting Notes

Appearance: Golden with a protein haze from wheat component. White head with fine bubbles.
Aroma: Strong floral notes of chamomile and honey. Malty with a bready undertone.
Flavour: Chamomile is dominant with honey showing up more in the back-palate and retro-nasal aftertaste with sweet and floral notes. Lots of grainy, crackery malt flavour, which rises up on the palate later into the taste and intensifies as the palate dries out after swallowing. Bitterness is present and relatively high for a wheat beer, holding sweetness at bay.
Mouthfeel: Medium-bodied with a slightly coating character. Chamomile β€œzing”.

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