Kettle Sour

3% ABV, 7 IBU, 3 SRM

Made in the style of a German Berliner Weisse with a few of our own customizations, this beer stands out for its exceptionally low level of alcohol combined with high levels of tart, lactic acidity (pH 3.0, akin to grapefruit). Backing up the acidity is a surprising level of flavour and body for such a low alcohol beer, with plenty of malty, husky grain flavour and a pale yellow colour with some haze. Our kettle sours differ from most of the others because we use malted and lightly-kilned Alberta barley as our inoculation source, allowing a mix of wild yeast and bacteria to do the job of souring the beer instead of a pure laboratory culture from yogurt or a probiotic pill.

If you aren’t usually into sours, try this beer out with a shot of our house-made Saskatoon-berry syrup!

For an even more interesting sour beer, try our Kettle Sour Gone Wild!, a barrel-aged version of our kettle sour that we inoculate with a strain of wild yeast to create a deeply complex and refined sour beer.


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