Gopher Broke Mango DIPA

8.5% ABV, 9 SRM, 75+ IBU

We really did go all out for this mango and hop-infused double IPA! Gopher Broke is a higher-alcohol hop and fruit bomb with real mango and an assertive bitterness with grassy undertones from massive hop additions, all backed by the flavour of Alberta malt. Though it tips the scale north of 8% ABV, the alcohol in this beer hides silently in the background, making it a sneaky one, indeed. This beer pours hazy due to our massive full-fruit mango addition.

Notable Ingredients

Hops: Citra, amarillo, mosaic, and lemondrop with BC magnum.
Malts: Most of the malts in this beer come from Alberta. We use a small flaked rye addition in our IPAs for a spicy complexity and characteristic red hue.
Other: We use a huge addition of mango after the beer completes fermentation. The mango starts frozen, we thaw it and pasteurize it in a steam kettle before adding it directly to the fermenter for a long, slow extraction of mango flavours and sugars.

Tasting Notes

Appearance: Quite hazy, off-white, foamy head of medium-sized bubbles.
Aroma: Mango is prominent along with citrusy, resinous hops and some grassy dry hop character. Highly aromatic. Some biscuit malt tones under the hops.
Flavour: Dramatic mango and citrus (orange, grapefruit) notes with a somewhat grassy quality from the large Citra pellet hop addition. Mango and hop flavours can be difficult to pick apart, but are easily distinguished once identified. Malt is present, but everything but the biscuit malt is overwhelmed by the hop character. Alcohol hides easily, very hard to pick out. Some peachy character from our house yeast. Bitterness is assertive but well balanced for the style and light body.
Mouthfeel: Medium carbonation and a relatively light body, but plenty of hop resin lingers and coats the tongue, which thickens up the mouthfeel to some extent. At the time of this tasting, the beer hadn’t been stored cold for a long time, some dry hop particulate lingered in suspension, drying out the mouthfeel and leaving some astringency on the palate.

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