Fire Whistle

5.4% ABV, 30 IBU, 8.5 SRM
Short Description: Our Smoke on the Lauter beer aged in Tennessee whisky barrels with habanero peppers. Smoky and very hot with sweet wood undertones.
Long Description: When we put out our Smoked Peppa Pale Ale, many people were looking for something hotter and more smoky. Fire Whistle is our answer. We took a portion of our Smoke on the Lauter and aged it in Tennessee whiskey barrels along with a generous dose of habanero peppers to add flavour and heat. The whisky barrels add a pleasant vanilla and toasted caramel undertone that helps balance the heat and reinforces the smoky, spicy flavours of the base beer. Try pairing this beer with fatty barbecue or sweet sauces to temper the heat a bit, the smoke nad spicy character will pair well with most of our meats.
Best Serving Temperature: 8-14C (Colder if you want to temper the heat, but subtle flavours will be lost).
Glassware Recommendation: Tumbler and nonic pint are fine, but best is something that channels aromas to your nose, like a snifter.
Tasting Notes
Appearance: Medium amber, very little haze. Rapidly dissipating white head.
Aroma: Smoke, whisky, wood and earth with sensation of heat and subtle habanero aroma.
Flavour: Medium sweet with malty undertones and wood/whisky flavours, smoke is more notable in the aftertaste. Pepper skin is hard to pick out but definitely there under the heat.
Mouthfeel: Capsaicin heat dominates with smoky phenolic sensations. Body is medium, oily, coating.
Notable Ingredients
Hops: Amarillo and Chinook.
Malts: Alberta pale barley malt along with flaked oats, Red Shed biscuit malt, and a subtle dose of chocolate rye. We use a portion of our house-smoked flaked oats to add complex phenolics.
Other: Habanero peppers add dominant heat flavour to the beer, under which Tennessee whiskey and wood barrel flavours interplay nicely.

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